Lost in My Own World (scrunchie579) wrote in seen_and_scene,
Lost in My Own World

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Hey all :) I'm a new member here... I have a lot of interests so I'm sure I got a lot of things in common with some. BTW I saw AntiFlag at Warped Tour this summer. They were pretty good! My friends and I got caught in the moshed pit-- we had never been in one before, and both of us are 5'4", about 110-120 pounds so we had to get out of there right away. We had to have someone help us get out, too....we were losing shoes, pony tails etc. It's unfortunate that my Taking Back Sunday poster got all wrinkled, but I did get autographs from all members in the group.

I am so tired from last night...my mom had me thinking our house was haunted. Who knows, tho...

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